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Haunted : Incubus Master Collection : 2,500 Spirits :

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My fine friends, thank you all for being so patient while I was away. It was a fantastic experience but I am very pleased to be back. For everyone that made a purchased while I was away, I have sent you all something very special. Enjoy my friends. For everyone that wrote in while I was gone, you should have received a reply, if not multiple replies from me already. Before I go I wanted to share with you all an incredible email from one of my clients. This is a common occurrence with my clients and I wanted to share this with you. Blessings to all; Luke – Metaphysical Beginnings … "Good morning Luke I had an unbelievably, incredible experience last night. Words can not really explain what happened. All I can say was this was supernatural and a blessing beyond words. It's way too much to write so I'll just say I was shown something last night in my sleep. The love and feeling like I was turning into a being of light. I no longer felt gravity, hot, cold all those feelings of having a body was gone. But the feeling of love was overwhelming. And what was shown to me at the same time was a game changer. Luke I haven't cried in years. Life has been rough and I've become callous. My dad died aug 6 and I didn't drop a tear. When I woke up and took in everything, I cried like a baby for an hour straight. A good cry is very cleansing to me. I bought them khodams to help me spiritually and all aspects of my life and if I could have any wish fulfilled it would be that I could cry again. That was worth more to me than money and gold. I didn't even ask. But it happened. The money I spent on these spirits was worth every nickel times 1000. There's much much more but it would take a book. Thank god for letting these spirits help me and thank you and your master teacher. I'm forever humbled. Thank you for your time Have a wonderful holiday Talk to you later" ... Due to High Demand! Haunted : Incubus Master Collection : 2,500 Spirits : Rare!!! … Description … Please Note: This collection features many more spirits for a higher price than our smaller, less powerful Master Collection of Spirits. This Collection DOES include the Elite Spirit that the other smaller Master Collection doesn’t offer. This Larger Master Collection has been set up to provide the absolutely best and highest quality of spirits to our clients. Blessings to All. - Metaphysical Beginnings This is one of the most intense and highly sought after Master Collections. A Collection that is perfect for female and male masters. The gifts of the Incubus are many and through this collection so much is given to the master. Sexual freedom, love and orgasmic bliss to mention a few. This collection is meant for everyone but I am certain it will speak to those who are seeking the release that only these spirits can provide. Since I began offering Master Collections of various sorts, I have been contacted on multiple occasions by clients and friends who seek a collection of the most physically rewarding spirits. Today I am pleased to be offering this collection. Due to the work of my Master and those like him, these 2,500 Incubus spirits are ready for their master and now it is up to you if you are to be the one that these amazing spirits focus on. … This is the Incubus Master Collection. A Conjuration of incredible beauty and desire! A sensual collection of male spirits; all of which have been conjured by the masters and teachers of old! These Masters and teachers of the ancient ways use pure, untouched methods to conjure, summon and bind spirits of incredible power. Spirits that come from all reaches of the spiritual planes and have the gifts to please their masters in all ways that the master can desire and in ways that the master cannot. It is amongst these Realms that the most prevailing and powerful spirits emerge. These spirits have assisted mankind in the ways of pleasure and knowledge of the karma sutra! These Spirits that opened the minds of man, giving him the capacity to create, to move, to give and to love. To feel. To express. These spirits, all of which are of varying types of Incubus come in all forms and classes! … It is with these methods that 2,500 amazingly Handsome Incubus spirits will be conjured and bound to any item that you wish. A ring, pendant and even your body. If you select your Spiritual Body, your Astral Body and your Physical Body a package will still be shipped to you. This package will include an Enhancement Stone of Connection to assist you with your amazing spirits. This alone is a 20 value. By having the spirits bound in this method the master and the spirits are introduced to a new level of relationship. The benefits are incredible and surpass those of vessel binding (ring, lamp, etc). With this type of binding, these male spirits are able to reach out and touch their masters with the greatest of ease. Their manifestations are quicker and stronger than those spirit who are bound to physical items such as rings, pendants and so on. As with my other Master Collections, the benefits of such a conjuration and the binding of the spirit to the master’s body are powerful and positive. When a spirit is bound to a vessel such a Ring or so on, there is a sort of barrier between the master and the spirit. The barrier of course is the vessel. While this barrier is a weak one that is eventually over come, this does extend the bonding period between the master and the spirit. One of the main benefits of having a spirit bound to your body is that there is no such barrier. The spirit has an instant connection with the master and the bonding period is greatly reduced. Not only that, but the Master has a greater level of sensation from the spirit itself. The transfer of energy from the spirit to the master and vice versa is simply incredible. For some, these sensations of energy are incredibly powerful and can take time to become accustomed to. Headaches and other sensations are to be expected until your body and mind become habituated to the energies of the spirit. This usually takes place within a few days to a week’s time. Of course, as the bond between the spirit and the master continue to grow, these feelings or sensations will of course come back and then dissipate. These of course are not the only benefits, as there are many. Benefits include stronger bond, stronger energy, quicker bonding time, quicker and more accurate wishes being granted and of course, a sharing of spiritual energies with the spirit and a sharing of their abilities..... So much more! … With this Incubus Master Collection, no expense is spared. No service is less than the most power and the most beneficial to the client. No other group of spirits is available that offers so much for so little. No other service comes close to what is being offered here today. Within you, you know this. You can feel it. … For a serious collector; either man or woman that is searching for the most powerful, the most rare and most sexual of all Incubus spirits, this Master Collection is meant for you. This is an opportunity that is rarely found. An opportunity that is rarely given! If you seek power greater and most proficient you have found it here today. Through this amazing offer, the Client will receive the blessings, the powers and the sight of 2,500 of the spirit realms most powerful and giving Incubus spirits. Queens and servants of multiple spiritual types. Incubus spirits are are Djinn as well as Ashen, Watcher, Abkian and pure decent. Vampires as well and those of the Balkan, Sanguine, Psy (PSI), Carpathian and so many others. The spirits that are conjured are not just powerful but they are the most powerful of their kind. They are leaders and the most potent in their abilities. Each with a desire to give to their master, to give their master all that the spirit realms provide. More than just sexual gifts are given as these spirits are very powerful. Powerful and capable indeed. Through them, your wishes and desires will be granted quickly and accurately. There is no spirit, no group of spirits that is offered today that even come close to what is being offered here. While there are other sellers offering many more spirits, their spirits do not come close to the power of these. That is guaranteed! The abilities that you will gain from these 2,500 Incubus spirits is unmatched. … Wealth, Youth, Love, Prosperity, Incredible Luck and Fortune are yours! Abilities of all forms, Knowledge, Wisdom, Strength, Control, Influence and so much more are yours. All given to you from the Elite of the Spiritual Realms. Magick intelligence, Physic Knowledge and the gifts of usage are given to these collectors who desire such contributions. Imagine wealth beyond those of kingdoms; imagine the endless lust of all of those around you. Imagine the confidence that will be gained! Imagine how your life will change and the lives of those around you. Those that you care about. What you will receive is next to godliness. The power and abilities that will surge through you is unspeakable. No words begin to demonstrate what you will receive. The inner peace that will be placed upon you is unheard of. … The levels of Magick that the master of such spirits will gain is unimaginable. All forms are available and are given to the master. White, Dark and all forms in between are offered. Elemental, Astral and so many adjacent forms and abilities are given. Even the gifts of spiritual speak are offered to those that desire so. … The Power and rewards of the Incubus are known around the world. In the Western world, the abilities of such incredible spirits are becoming known and are increasing in popularity. Both male and male masters are taken to these spirits for their physical and emotional needs. For many masters, having spirits such as these is much easier than engaging in the process of attracting human males. The connection one can share with these Incubus spirits is much more incredible. Incredible gifts of Strength, Magick abilities and so much more. While some Incubus spirits being offered today contain great power, they are not able to share these gifts with their masters. This is not the case with the Master Collection that I am offering. These spirits share all. Through the ancient conjuration process, the Instincts, the Abilities, the Strengths and the powers of the Incubus are given to their masters. Each that will hold these spirits will gain their abilities. . This is one of the most powerful aspects of the Incubus Master Collection and an incredible benefit to the Master. These Spirits share their gifts with their masters. A blessing that no one else has been able to offer their clients. . The master of such spirits are given much more than most masters receive from their spirits. So much more. These spirits intertwine their essence with their master’s and the master intertwines theirs with the spirits. The end results are beyond words. Superhuman doesn’t come close to describing the benefits. . The longer the master continues their bond with their spirits, the greater the connection and the level of intensity. Always increasing. The Master constantly and infinitely becoming stronger and more capable and as these males become more accustomed to their masters needs, they become more comfortable exploring their own sexuality. . Through these Incubus Spirits the gifts of multiple types of spirits are shared with the master. *Strength greater than you can possibly imagine. The inability to be defeated is yours as well as the physical improvements that you seek.* *Physical Attraction from others is increased and constantly increasing. The essence of Balkan is to draw others and this relates to the master as well. Through her abilities, the master releases powerful energy that summons those he or she desires to them. The master gains incredible control, sexually and emotionally of others.* *Magick is given to the master. Multiple levels of such, both light and dark are given to the master to control. Through the Incubus , the master learns to control and use magick to do what they desire. The longer the bond between the Succubs and the Master, the greater the level of understanding and control.* *Healing is one of the most amazing aspects that the Incubus give to their masters. Through these spirits, the master is able to regenerate his/her own physicalness. The aging process is reversed, energy is increase, sexual desires are returned and so much more. If the master decides to inflict this gift of healing on others, he or she may do so. The power to heal quickly is one of the most important aspects to any Vampiric Spirit.* *The control of others is another important aspect of the Incubus and it will become very important to the master as well. Through Hypnotic Suggestion, the master is able to use the abilities of Incubus to control others thoughts and actions. Do you want to control the situation and those that surround you? Do you want to change his or her mind?* *The quickest enhancement any master will notice is that their senses are greatly superior to others. The master will notice this immediately and this will continue to increase as the bond continues. Vision, hearing, perception of all senses and the mental sensory perceptions.* So many more my friends. So many more gifts are given and shared with the master. So many!!! … All spirits will obey and bless their masters. All masters of such spirits will notice an instant change in themselves, in their lives. All human desires are gratified. All senses are enhanced. All abilities are available to explore, to master at your command. … My friends, this is an extremely powerful and limited opportunity. … Support … As with all of my items and services, I provide assistance on demand. All emails are answered within 24 hours, first come first serve. This is a factor that many seller skimp on. After a few emails they stop writing back. I reply to all emails, All! … My friends, I want to welcome you to the Metaphysical. This is where it beginnings. Only you know what it is that you are seeking. You desire the best and that is what you will find here. There is no greater source of information or more powerful spirits found anywhere. If you are seeking a change in your life, you will certainly find what you need here. While my prices are not the cheapest, what I offer is certainly most powerful. My clients can attend to that. I do accept offers and payment plans. ….. 100% positive feedback ……. I accept payment via PayPal I ship via USPS which is the most reliable and cost effective! Shipping is 4 and all documents will be sent digitally through Email. ……. 1500 Positive Feedbacks and Counting! 100% Positive Feedback! ……. The law requires that these types of items be sold for entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase any of my items and doing so at your own risk. I am not liable for misuse of this product, nor guarantee that the item will work magically. My items are not a substitute for professional, medical, spiritual or emotional care. The power is there, do you believe???

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Great seller, friendly honest with nice true products.

Great seller, honest friendly with very nice product.

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Fantastic wonderful spirit and great seller would buy from seller again very helpful

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First I highly recommend this seller to everyone,great communication,would but more item from Luke again.my pleasure to do business with you Luke...

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all very correct very good teacher and very helpful with their happy buyers with the

all very correct very good teacher and very helpful with their happy buyers with the

Purchased Truemetaphysical Spirit on Bonanza

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